Jeeping Collage Summer 2014
From left to right:
Boulders on a path from Silverton to Ophir, Colorado.
Mailbox at the top of Imogene Pass
White-lined sphinx (Hyles lineata), commonly known as the hummingbird moth
Flower field on Scotch Creek trail

Jeeping Collage Summer 2014

From left to right:

  • Boulders on a path from Silverton to Ophir, Colorado.
  • Mailbox at the top of Imogene Pass
  • White-lined sphinx (Hyles lineata), commonly known as the hummingbird moth
  • Flower field on Scotch Creek trail



Women on YouTube - VidCon 2014

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend VidCon or missed seeing the panel live, here it is online! 

It was so, so brilliant and absolutely worth the watch. 

If only everyone who engages with the YT community would take the time to listen to what these women have to say, it could change so much for the better.

watch this.

This whole discussion is so important. I’m so glad I got the chance to be a room moderator during this panel. (I specifically asked to have my volunteer job switched that day so I could listen to these lovely ladies talk.) We need more things like this!


Keller Williams and The Travelin’ McCourys

Shot this in one short Gondola ride from Mountain Village to San Sophia Station. Loved working with these guys. Everyone should definitely check out their other music!

Explosives Found Behind My House…

A Snapchat story by me.

So here’s the fun story:

My dad was on the back patio weeding when he noticed a chord coming out of the rock wall behind our house, he pulled on it a little before realizing that it was probably dynamite. We called the sheriff and when they came they decided they were definitely NOT qualified to deal with the situation, so called a bomb squad located in a city a 3 hour drive away.
While we were waiting, we found out that there was also a gas leak in the house (turned out to be nothing harmful or dangerous) and there were tons of police cars outside our house to ward off anyone from coming into the area.
Finally they were able to remove the explosives (which were over 20 years old/were very unstable) and after over 6.5 hours of waiting we got to back into our house.

This is probably going to be the best Snapchat story I’ll have for months.

PS: Apologies for the horrific grammar/spelling in the Snapchat story.

Summer/100th Post/VidCon!

As it is June 1st, I’m officially calling it summer! The exciting news is that I’m graduating on Friday, which means my gap year technically starts on Saturday. (Scary stuff!)I’m volunteering at VidCon at the end of the month and can’t wait! I’m going with this lovely human (x) so I’m automatically going to have a good time. :)
I’ll probably make another text post soon regarding my gap year. I’m thinking of making a separate blog or something? Who knows.

I yawned as I said “thanks” to Siri, but she thought I said “leeks” and did you know that the leek was the favorite vegetable of Emperor Nero, who ate it in soup or oil, because he thought it benefited the quality of his voice.

When you have mixed feelings about an abusive relationship



Content warning: this post probably uses language that gets used against abuse victims. I’m trying to avoid that, but I don’t think I’ve entirely succeeded, and some of these words might be triggering. Proceed with caution.

So, here’s the thing.

People are complicated, and relationships are even more complicated. Abuse victims are often pressured to pretend that things are simple. They’re pressured to believe that if there was any positive aspect whatsoever to an abusive relationship, then it wasn’t really as abusive as they think it was.

But it doesn’t work that way. People aren’t averaged. People can do some really good things, and some abusive things. They don’t cancel each other out. They coexist. Whatever else happened, the abuse was real, and you’re right not to tolerate it.

Sometimes… sometimes your abuser is also the person who taught you your favorite recipe.

Or something fundamental about how you understand the world.

Or a major skill you now use professionally.

Or maybe they gave you a lot of valuable criticism that made your art better.

Or maybe they supported you materially when you were in real trouble.

Or any number of other things.


…none of that makes the abuse ok. None of that is mitigating in any way. It doesn’t cancel anything out. Sometimes people talk like the abusive interactions and the good ones get put in a blender or something, and like some sort of theoretical blended average is what really counts. That’s not how it works. It’s the actual interactions that count, not some theoretical average. The abuse is real, and significant, no matter what else happened.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. If some things about an abusive relationship were positive, it’s ok to acknowledge and value them.

And you can still refuse to ever have anything to do with your abuser ever again. You can still be angry. You can still hate them. You can still decide never to forgive them. You can still warn people against them. None of these things are mutually exclusive.

And, most importantly, valuing some aspects of the relationship or having some positive memories does not in *any way* mean the abuse was your fault.

This is so, so important and I can’t believe it has less than 1,000 notes. This needs to be shared.

Bolded emphasis mine.

This is something I struggle with and I can’t stress to people enough how important it is to make sure their aware that the abuse wasn’t their fault. Thanks to tikken for their additions to the text because they help tie it all up.